Beverly Sparks

These guys came in and went right to work, they did an outstanding job on getting the floors prepped and waxed. They were engaged and working the entire time they were in my building and conducted themselves in a very professional manner. They were super accommodating in how I wanted it done and went above and beyond. This was by far a much better experience and completed job than I have experienced in the past.

James Carnes

STA turned around the crew and quality of work. Grass was mowed at a faster interval. Overall appearance of base improved to the point where people noticed. A lot of this work reflect the pride that is taken on doing a good job. Exceeded standards with ballfield maintenance. Areas that had been done in-house turned over to STA were not in good condition and they got these highly visible areas looking better quickly.

Susan Lawson

STA’s work demonstrated their commitment and pride in maintaining Coast Guard buildings. They have a keen eye for detail and provide vital corrective actions information. STA provides invaluable expertise

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